Annual sourcing information request: Frequently asked questions

To support you with submitting your annual list of all your tea sources, please see below for frequently asked questions about this process.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries . Thank you for your continued support.

Why does ETP need to know my sources?

Your list of tea sources forms an essential part of our planning. We use this information to ensure that our global work has maximum impact across tea communities.

As outlined in our Global Rules, all ETP Members are required to keep us updated on your full list of tea sources annually. As members of ETP, you are committed to ensuring that all sites in your supply chain hold valid certification with Rainforest Alliance/UTZ or Fairtrade (or participate as a licensee in one of these certification schemes). Click here for the exemptions specified in 4(e) and 4(f).

What information do I need to submit?

Please list all the camellia sinensis being purchased over the 12 months from March 2021 to March April 2022.

We require you to list all the sources of tea that you have sold in the markets covered by your ETP fee. That is, all tea sold in the UK and European Union, North America, Australia and New Zealand. If you are paying for volumes sold in other regions, please also add your sources for these areas to your list.

How do I share my list?

Click here to download the excel file for you to capture your sourcing details. Instructions are outlined on the second tab of the spreadsheet.

Please use this file to coordinate a single list of all your tea sources. This includes details of the tea you directly purchase, as well as any from third-party suppliers. If any of your suppliers are concerned about disclosing their sourcing information to you, they can send their list directly to

When completing the spreadsheet, please rank each source’s priority for your business as either high, medium or low. This spans:

  1. Tea supplied by third parties. If you work with wholesalers, please let them know to submit their sourcing information via our spreadsheet and ranking system. We are on hand to talk through this process with your suppliers.
  2. Sources of tea not covered in the current ETP list. If you are purchasing any new sources of tea, please list these in the fifth tab.
  3. Tea purchased from China. Please capture as much information as possible about tea sourced from this region in the third tab.

When do I need to submit this?

Please send your completed spreadsheet list of tea sources to by Friday 30 July 2021.

Please note that if you miss this deadline a penalty of 10% of your membership fee will be added to your next invoice.