Third German Tea Company Joins ETP

We’re pleased to announce that stick & lembke has joined the Ethical Tea Partnership making it three new German members in under a year. News of the announcement reflects the tea industry’s willingness to work collaboratively to tackle issues, and ETP’s growing presence in Continental Europe.

Established in 2011, stick & lembke founders Thorsten Stick and Kai Lembke have decades of experience in the international tea business, and pride themselves on working with many tea farmers and families on a personal level. Based in Hamburg Germany, the company has new and modern production facilities where they continue to develop and produce new and innovative organic products, free from any flavours or additives in sustainable and extraordinary packages (e.g. hand stitched tea bags).

Sarah Roberts, Executive Director ETP, comments, “Our recent sustainability conference (TEAM UP) with IDH highlighted how important sector-wide collaboration is, if we are to capitalise on the progress so far and make sustainability the new mainstream. So we are delighted that stick & lembke is joining ETP, reinforcing how important working effectively on sustainability issues is becoming for German companies.”

Kai Lembke, Managing Partner at stick & lembke, continues, “As well as offering organic and non-flavoured teas (and infusions) in innovative packaging to the German retail market we also try and market our teas slightly differently. We have great relationships with our suppliers, many of which I would consider as friends. Like a vineyard does its wine, we’re keen to introduce the tea farmer/producer and their family to the consumer.

“In this way we offer full transparency, which is great, because ethical sourcing is something that our customers increasingly expect. However, as the number of suppliers we use continues to grow, it’s been really important to find a professional partner. In this respect we’re glad to be working with ETP to ensure that we extend our business in a way that’s fair for all our partners.”