The Unmissable Tea and Sustainability Event

The ETP and IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative are hosting TEAM UP 2013 – the unmissable event for tea and sustainability in London Tuesday 18 June. Building on the success of last year’s ETP summer event, which was open to ETP’s partner organisations for the first time, TEAM UP 2013 will welcome key players from the tea industry including producers, tea packers, tea traders, retailers, certification programmes, NGOs, technical partners and tea boards and associations to discuss the next steps in tea sustainability

TEAM UP 2013 will facilitate open dialogue to establish new collaborative partnerships and workings to advance the sustainability of the global tea sector. Scaling up collaborative partnerships, building new approaches, and increasing knowledge sharing are key objectives of both the ETP and IDH. TEAM UP 2013 provides the vehicle to facilitate these approaches and to initiate the next steps required to address complex social, environmental and economic issues, and ultimately to improve the sustainability of the tea sector, the lives of tea workers and smallholder farmers, and the environment in which tea is produced.

The ETP and IDH are currently formalising a sustainability panel made up of high profile figures from the world of tea that will facilitate and stimulate dialogue with delegates from across the supply chain – watch this space for more information! There has also been a great response to TEAM UP 2013 from global tea institutions, with key personnel from both ETP member and non-member companies committing to the day’s proceedings.

To join us on what promises to be a landmark day for the global tea industry please contact ETP’s for further information.