The ETP Joins the China Tea Marketing Association (CTMA)

The China Tea Marketing Tea Association (CTMA) recently approved the Ethical Tea Partnership as a foreign member, increasing the ETP’s capacity to bring about further social and environmental improvements to the sector.

The development means the ETP will be much more strongly connected to senior government staff who play an important role in the tea sector. Given the size of the China tea industry in terms of production and employment this link to decision makers is an important step for the ETP achieving its vision.

The news has many positive repercussions for the ETP, its members, tea producers, workers and the industry moreover because of the CTMA’s remit, which includes responsibility for the industry’s national development strategy. The CTMA was also responsible for drafting the tea industry standard for China, and in 2012 delivered the first sustainability guidance for Chinese tea based on international standards.

About CTMA

The China Tea Marketing Association (CTMA) was founded in 1992 and is a national organisation comprised of enterprises, institutions, social groups and individuals in the tea production, processing, operation, management, research and teaching fields. It is under the guidance and supervision of the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China.