The Bean Alliance (‘project t’) Makes it 25 Members for ETP

Ethical Tea Partnership is delighted to introduce The Bean Alliance, the company behind the brand project t, as its first member from Australia.

The Bean Alliance, which celebrated 30 years in 2011, has a history as a coffee roaster and will launch project t in August 2012. Their membership reflects ETP’s growing appeal for companies wishing to both understand and improve conditions in their supply chains.

ETP’s Executive Director explains, “Project t’s decision to join shows that we are appealing to all types of tea companies, from established companies to newer entrants. It’s very exciting to have our first Australian company on board joining our member from New Zealand, and it reflects how sustainability issues are increasingly important the world over.”

The Bean Alliance Director of Marketing, Strategy & Development, Susan Castle concurs, “As we come closer to launch I know the whole team and extended market will be thrilled that we have created a tea range with such a transparent supply chain. We have learned a lot from coffee, and consumer sentiment is they need to know what is happening at origin.”