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If you’re interested in tea, sustainability, or better still both, then Tuesday 16 June 2015 could be the most important date in your working calendar, as TEAM UP brings you Pushing Boundaries.

This year we’ll be examining how far current approaches will take us in delivering a thriving tea industry that provides good livelihoods for workers, farmers, and their communities, and new ways of working that will get us there faster.

The event is by invitation only


TEAM UP 2015 will explore:

  • Achieving systems change - lessons from different sectors in transforming production and value chains, insights on the impact of the new Sustainable Development Goals for tea, and a focus on how programmes can be adapted to have a broader landscape impact.
  • Assessing partnership approaches - hear different perspectives on key programmes in the sector such as trustea, Malawi 2020, and the UNICEF-ETP Assam programme.
  • Economics and market mechanisms - assess options to reduce price volatility and increase investment in the sector, explore mechanisms for overcoming the barriers to achieving sustainable value chains where everyone earns a ‘living wage and living income’ from tea.
  • Improving opportunities for women in tea - hear how the challenges faced by women in the tea industry compare to other agricultural sectors and the approaches that are changing their experiences.
  • Climate change - catch up on the latest climate change research and hear how producers and farmers are saving money and improving the environment through energy and carbon management.
  • Overcoming agrochemical and resource use challenges - discuss different approaches to meeting new standards on agrochemicals and maximum residue levels and managing critical resources, such as energy. 

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