Second Tea Company from Sri Lanka Joins ETP

On 22nd April, 2014, the second tea company from Sri Lanka – Heritage Tea Group joined the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). Heritage was established in 1994 by a dynamic and enterprising group of tea experts and enthusiasts with wide experience in tea, both in Sri Lanka and overseas. The company’s policy is to service with responsibility, quality conscious and discerning customers worldwide.

In 2000 the Heritage Group started packing for private label customers and overseas brand owners while also supplying their own brand of packed tea products. The company is an equal rights employer, and members of the Heritage team benefit from numerous staff welfare and medical schemes, and remuneration packages and benefits that are above industry standards.

Since its inception the company has been awarded many quality certifications including most recently UTZ certification – giving customers assurances that the teas processed and packed by Heritage are done with high levels of hygiene and quality. This has elevated them to the position of No 1 Ceylon Tea supplier in bulk to Japan and Hong Kong in terms of volume. They also rank second in shipments of bulk tea from Sri Lanka to China.

Sarah Roberts, Executive Director ETP, says, “It’s great to have a second tea company from Sri Lanka join ETP in such a short space of time. Having members that are based in tea producing countries can really help us improve the overall sustainability of the tea sector, the lives of tea workers, and the environment in which tea is produced.”

“We have consistently differentiated ourselves in the way we get about our business, respecting all stakeholders equally and caring especially for those who work for us. We are deeply conscious of those who occupy every link in the tea supply chain commencing with our customers overseas specially those who care for those less fortunate than themselves, right down to the large numbers of workers employed in the plantations whose well being is critical to the industry which sustains the livelihoods of millions of people. We are delighted to belong to a group who have common interests and values and look forward to working together in partnership to give meaning to these ideals” Anel de Silva, Managing Director/CEO, Heritage Group.