Malawi 2020 Tea Revitalisation Roadmap

17th November 2015

TEAM UP 2015 Report

TEAM UP 2015 Report

14th September 2015

TEAM UP 2014 Report

TEAM UP 2014 Report

21st July 2014

The TEAM UP 2014 Report captures insight and learnings from the day.

A Different Cup of Tea - The Business Case for Empowering Workers in the Sri Lankan Tea Sector (CARE International)

A Different Cup of Tea: The Business Case for Empowering Workers in the Sri Lankan Tea Sector

2nd October 2013

We worked closely with CARE International and successfully implemented Community Development Forums (CDFs) on tea estates. These ‘mini-parliaments’ allow development priorities and labour conditions to be negotiated and decided in a transparent way between workers, management, and other parties.

An independent assessment by the New Economics Foundation showed a 1:26 return on investment for estates, plus additional gains for workers and the community. The report identifies the business case for CDFs.

TEAM UP 2013

TEAM UP 2013 Overview

30th August 2013

TEAM UP 2013 welcomed key players from across the supply chain and around the world to discuss the next steps in tea sustainability. The TEAM UP 2013 Overview captures insight and learnings from the day.

Improving the livelihoods of Indonesian Smallholders

Improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, Indonesia

12th August 2013

We’re partnering with IDH on a three-year project to help more than 1,000 smallholder farmers from West Java and West Sumatra to make better livings from tea. The report explains how through training on good practice farming and increased cooperative support, the project is helping to raise smallholder plot productivity, leaf quality, and access to international markets. It also provides insight from the project team.

Understanding wage issues in the tea industry

Understanding Wage Issues in the Tea Industry

1st May 2013

The report assesses the pay and benefits of workers on tea plantations in Malawi, India and Indonesia, identifies the systemic problems that are locking in low wages, wages that are often less than what is needed to cover households’ basic needs, and most importantly, outlines how the project participants will use their various spheres of influence to bring new organisations into the project and develop action plans to tackle the issues raised.

An Industry in Transition

An industry in transition (Sri Lanka)

11th March 2013

A report that highlights the emerging threats and opportunities faced by the Sri Lankan tea industry, focusing on plantation communities, and outlining options for addressing the challenges. The report is based on a multi stakeholder discussion convened by the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), World University Service of Canada (WUSC), and CARE Sri Lanka, and facilitated by the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA).

Climate change report from Kericho

20th June 2011

On the 16 May Ethical Tea Partnership and the German Development Agency (GIZ) gave an overview of their 3 year public private partnership to support approximately 10,000 vulnerable farmers. Over 60 representatives of tea producers, tea buyers, Kenyan Government officials, tea institutions, NGOs and development organisations met in Kericho to discuss the opportunities and challenges associated with climate change adaptation in the Kenyan tea sector.