Regional Manager for Malawi Increases ETP’s Presence in East Africa

Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is pleased to welcome Lee Ngirazie as Programme Manager for Malawi.

In a ground-breaking move, Lee will be jointly employed by ETP, Rainforest Alliance and Solidaridad; a positive development that will strengthen the ties between key organisations working on tea and sustainability in Africa and increase the overall impact of their work.

Lee’s responsibilities will cover assisting estates and smallholders to achieve and maintain certification, and co-ordinating producer support and development projects in the tea sector.

Lee has a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture and is about to complete an Honours Degree in Development Studies with University of South Africa. He has previously worked as a Senior Assistant Manager for Ruo Tea Estates, and as the Southern Regional Food Security Coordinator for World Vision Malawi. He has also worked for the Malawi Ministry of Energy where he managed a programme to phase out the use of the pesticide Methyl Bromide. With an aptitude for project management, Lee will help to move the sustainability agendas of all three organisations forward in Africa swiftly.

On his appointment Lee says, “I am very happy to assume the position of Country Manager for Tea (Malawi) with ETP, Rainforest Alliance and Solidaridad. I’m passionate about development work and this role gives me the opportunity to instil better social and environmental working practices with Malawi producers. Over the next few years I hope to help smallholders to improve their livelihoods, and to assist estates in achieving certification so that more tea from Malawi is available for international markets.”