Agrochemical Management

In some regions where agrochemicals are used tea workers and farmers may not be sufficiently aware of the risks agrochemicals pose if misused. This means that they can be used in a way that’s detrimental to themselves, co-workers, and the environment.

How we’re helping

In China, India, and Sri Lanka we work with agrochemical experts and train workers and smallholder farmers to use agrochemicals correctly to minimise risk to themselves, others, and the environment. In addition we also provide information on integrated pest management (IPM) systems and how traps and glue boards can be employed to reduce pests.

The training covers:

  • Using personal protective equipment (PPE) correctly
  • Reading and understanding of product labels
  • Correct storage, mixing (dosage), and spraying of agrochemicals
  • Maintenance of spraying equipment to minimise leaks
  • Correct disposal of chemical containers and packaging
  • Record keeping of agrochemical use

Our training programme in Sri Lanka on 30 tea estates included lessons about agrochemical safety aimed directly at school children living on tea estates. This approach educates children about the risks agrochemicals pose and can help reinforce it with their parents.


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