Embedding Good Practice (India)

Assam produces most of India’s tea and is home to hundreds of tea estates. Occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental management are two areas we identified through our monitoring and certification programme that some producers need help with.

How we helped

In India, producer groups often have several tea estates under their control and it’s the norm for company policy and training programmes to be disseminated from central head office. We therefore tailored our OHS and Environmental Management training programmes to group-wide needs and worked with head office to ensure that content was disseminated through the appropriate channels.

Both courses provided managers with an understanding of international standards, highlighted best practice examples, and gave them tools to make changes.

OHS training:

  • Machine & fire safety
  • Hazard minimisation
  • Sanitation
  • Worker housing
  • Health & welfare

Environmental management training:

  • Agrochemical safety
  • Soil and water management
  • Wildlife & ecosystem protection
  • Energy use & waste management

Both training course help ensure producers meet international standards and remain attractive to international tea buyers and markets.

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