Occupational Health & Safety (Sri Lanka)

Good occupational health and safety (OHS) is a fundamental part of sustainable supply chains and an area that the ETP has been supporting producers on for many years. Our monitoring and certification work showed that good OHS management was an area of weakness for many tea producers in Sri Lanka.

How we helped

We developed an OHS training course specifically for the Sri Lankan tea sector in partnership with WUSC1 and NIOSH2. The course was designed specifically for management at Regional Plantation Companies who have responsibility for work place safety, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to manage OHS effectively across their respective organisations. Ultimately it has helped to make work places better and safer for thousands of tea workers in Sri Lanka.

“I was very impressed with the ETP’s training materials from other countries. The ETP is committed to raising standards, and this course provides a strong foundation for OHS management.”

Jim Delaney, Programme Director, WUSC.


On completing the course graduates leave the Advanced Certificate Course on Occupational Safety and Health for Plantations with a professional qualification and a practical understanding of health and safety issues in the tea industry. In total, the course ran for three years, and trained 60 managers from 60 estates, and has impacted on an estimated 45,000 tea workers.

1World University Service of Canada  2The National Institute for Safety and Health (Sri Lanka) – part of the Sri Lankan Ministry of Labour

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