Climate change meeting Kericho (Kenya)

Tea Producers

We work with producers who supply tea to our members.

Our work is free of charge to producers and we help them to improve their social and environmental performance in three ways:

  1. Monitoring and certification
  2. Producer Support
  3. Co-ordinating strategic sustainability initiatives

We work with a variety of tea producers:

Tea estates

Tea estates are normally made up of one or more tea gardens and a factory for processing the raw leaf. In some countries tea estates can be very large with several thousand people working and living on them.


A smallholder is often a family unit with a small amount of land dedicated to growing produce including tea. Smallholders supply their tea to independent Bought Leaf Factories (BLFs) for processing. This process is sometimes facilitated by collectors as it is time-critical (processing needs to start within 5-7 hours).


Outgrowers normally have up to 10 hectares of land available and an arrangement to regularly supply a factory unit. Outgrowers often employ people outside their family circle to pick the tea.