ETP in the News

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Creating Change for Women in the Tea Estates of Assam

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UNICEF-ETP Come Together For Child Rights Protection

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UNICEF and Ethical Tea Partnership Announce 3-Year Programme

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Unicef-ETP Partnership to Help Children Living in Tea Gardens

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Unicef and Firms Team Up to Protect Kids

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Programme to Address Child Rights Violations in Tea Estates

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Tea Team Produces Results

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Climate Change Project Helps Thousands in Kenyan Tea Industry

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Communications Crucial to Sharing Innovation across Tea Industry

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Award-Winning Kenyan Climate Change Adaptation Project Highlighted

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Tea Industry Takes Action to Improve Smallholder Livelihoods Across Africa and Asia

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Tea Suppliers Back Global Training Scheme for Smallholders

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Tea Industry Partners Helping Kenyan Farmers Improve Yields by 36%

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Ethical Tea Partnership, Oxfam Lead Campaign for Living Wage 

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Ethical Tea Partnership, Oxfam Lead Campaign for a Living Wage

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Tea Industry Schemes Tackle Climate Change and Raise Welfare Standards

 The Carbon Neutral Company (09.06.14)

Ethical Tea Partnership – TEAM UP 2014

Lanka Business Today (30.04.14)

Certification and Sustainability Programmes – Reinventing Sri Lankan Plantations

 The Wall Street Journal (03.04.14)

Dunkin’ Donuts Introduces New Iced Green Tea

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Tea Estates To Be Asked To Come Up With Sustainable Programme