Join ETP

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10 Reasons to Join:

  1. The Right Thing: By joining the ETP your company is helping to improve the lives of tea workers and their environment.
  2. Consumer confidence: Everyone wants to be sure that the brands they buy have been produced under good conditions. Our monitoring programme and work with certifiers provides you with the assurance you need to give your customers.
  3. Reducing Risk: Our work programmes provide members with up-to-date knowledge about conditions on the ground including supplier management practices and areas of risk. Where issues are particularly challenging, sensitive, or require an industry approach, our members benefit from being able to respond to them collectively.
  4. Driving Change: By working together to address the social and environmental issues, we can go further and wider more quickly, for the benefit of everyone associated with tea.
  5. Promoting your ethical commitment: You can share your commitment to sustainable sourcing by displaying the Ethical Tea Partnership ‘hand and leaf’ logo on your packaging and marketing materials. Our Marketing Toolkit also gives you access to stories to back up your CSR strategy and brand principles.
  6. Access to Sales: Many retailers, hotels, food chains, service providers, public institutions and visitor attractions require suppliers to have good ethical credentials. Whether you’re pitching for new business, or submitting tender applications, we can support your application and commitment to sustainable sourcing.
  7. Supply Chain Stability: Our producer support and strategic development projects go beyond compliance, and help deal with the root causes of environmental and social challenges. This makes conditions better for workers and ultimately leads to greater stability in your supply chains.
  8. Climate Change: We run various programmes to help producers and smallholders maintain tea production in the face of changing weather patterns and tea growing conditions. This work helps to protect your existing supply base and your established business relationships.
  9. Sharing Costs: Taking a shared approach to sustainability reduces work duplication for producers, increases impact, and spreads the costs for member companies
  10. Networking and support: As a member you will be invited to our annual Tea Sustainably Conference to help us drive the sustainability agenda for the tea industry. You also have access to all our Regional Teams and UK-based staff should issues arise, or if you need resource material or require help answering sustainability queries.