ETP Welcomes Wollenhaupt Tea Trading Division

We’re pleased to announce that Wollenhaupt Tea Trading Division is the latest tea company from Germany to join the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). The company was set up in Hamburg in 1881 by the Wollenhaupt brothers August and Hermann. Today another pair of brothers, Dirk and Jörg Wollenhaupt, manages the company. They too are committed to the traditional principles underlying the success of their preceding generations. Quality consciousness, competence and expertise, profound international market know-how and close customer contact, innovative strength, and – last but not least – passion for tea.

The Wollenhaupt Tea Trading Division was founded two year’s ago in order to focus on original tea line supply directly to customers around the world.

Wollenhaupt Tea Trading Division sources tea from plantations all over the world and is an active supplier to many ETP member companies. Their professional tea tasters, with years of experience and expertise, guarantee consistent quality in a wide range of qualities throughout the purchasing and quality assurance process.

The news that Wollenhaupt Tea Trading division joined ETP was positively commented on by Sarah Roberts, Executive Director, “Wollenhaupt’s reputation and position in the international tea industry will further strengthen ETP’s efforts to improve the social and environmental conditions of tea plantations and factories. It’s also really pleasing that another German tea company has joined, which reflects all the good work that ETP is leading on.”