ETP Welcomes TeeGschwendner To the Partnership

Ethical Tea Partnership is very pleased to announce that the innovative German tea company TeaGschwendner as its latest member. In 1978 Albert Gschwendner and his wife Gwendalina started TeeGschwendner by opening their first small teashop in Trier, Germany. From humble beginnings, the tea company has blossomed into a global player in specialty tea. Today, TeaGschwendner has about 150 shops in seven countries on four continents. The company is sharing the world’s finest teas with customers in locations such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt in Germany; Luxembourg, Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech Republik, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Kuwait and Chicago Illinois!

Over the last few decades Albert and his brother Karl, have developed TeaGschwendner into a network of franchise partners that brings together an independent group of tightly connected tea lovers and tea traders. The company attributes their success to the quality of their products and the quality of their people – the expertise of their buyers, the exacting standards of their laboratory team, and the inspired dedication and passion of employees and franchise partners. They demand that their tea products be of the highest quality and that, as their teas travel from the garden to cup, this quality is assured by certified, transparent processes.

One of the company’s guiding principles is that as they grow, they make certain that their suppliers also have the opportunity to grow and succeed as well. TeaGschwendner’s philosophy is to cultivate relationships with producers and share with them their daily challenges, and make mutual commitments to environmentally sustainable cultivation of tea.

TeaGschwendner is actively concerned about living and working conditions of the people who grow and produce the tea that they purchase. They also demand that their suppliers share their vision of social responsibility. TeaGschwendner is actively involved in a number of social and environmental projects including a tiger conservation project in South India and the ‘Spirit of Sunderpani’ project in Nepal.

On news of TeaGschwendner joining ETP, Sarah Roberts, Executive Director says, ‘It’s great that another German tea company has joined ETP, particularly one with strong social and environmental principles that are closely aligned to those of the ETP. TeaGschwendner’s project portfolio is impressive and we look forward to working with them on other projects that help us achieve our vision of a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.’

”Like the Ethical Tea Partnership we aim to support and protect the sustained life and livelihood of the tea workers and farmers as well as the nature of the tea growing areas. ETP offers a platform for dialogue and communication on all levels of the tea trading business.

Together with all international ETP members we would like to ensure the improvement of conditions for all participants of tea production.” says Thomas Holz, Managing Director of TeaGschwendner.