Iced Tea Company joins ETP

We’re delighted to announce that China Mist is the latest tea company to join the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). The US-based company was set up in 1982 by Dan Schweiker and John Martinson who at the time felt the current range of iced teas weren’t ‘cutting it’ and that they could do better.

With the emergence of new iced tea brewing technology and a tenacious sprit, Dan and John embarked on a mission to make and distribute the first-ever gourmet, fresh-brewed iced teas for restaurants.

After mixing and tasting numerous different tea leaf combinations, they felt they had hit on the perfect combination for iced black tea. So they started blending and packaging it from Martinson’s garage and distributing it themselves around the state of Arizona to the hotel, restaurant, and industrial catering (foodservice) industries. When they first opened their doors (garage) for business in 1982 their proprietary tea blend was called Special Blend. A few short years later they changed the company name to “China Mist” on the basis that China is the birth pace of tea and mist is refreshingly cool and a bit mysterious!

Today China Mist sells more than eighteen flavours of black and green iced teas and while it also offers hot tea beverages, it is the first tea company to join ETP that is an iced tea specialist. The Company distributes its products across North America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia/New Zealand.

Sarah Roberts says, “We are very pleased that China Mist has joined ETP and are looking forward to working with all their tea suppliers to ensure they meet internationally recognised social and environmental conditions. It’s the first company from America to join ETP in some time and the first that focuses on the iced tea market – hopefully this will prompt other companies to join ETP.”

“I am focused on leading an effort to drive sustainable change in the foodservice iced tea sector through leadership in supply chain sustainability. Membership in and engagement with Ethical Tea Partnership is a critical piece of that effort and I look forward to working with fellow ETP members in meeting our common goals,” John S Martinson E.M.S.L., China Mist Iced Tea Company Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, and Chief Sustainability Officer.