ETP Welcomes First Danish Member

We’re pleased to announce that A.C.Perchs Thehandel is the first tea company from Denmark to join the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) – bringing with them a slice of Danish history.

A.C.-Perchs-Serving-TeaThe story begins in the 18th century. Business was booming in Christianshavn – an old part of the city of Copenhagen. Due to the Danish company Asiatisk Kompagni situated there, many exiting items were brought into the city’s ports by ship, which had travelled from South East Asia. Naturally a great deal of retailers settled in this part of the city, and the daily auctions established a solid market. Among these retailers was Jens Bay Perch, who supported by his good friend Niels Brock, opened his own shop in Christianhavn. Jens named his son after his friend, and it was Niels Brock Perch who founded A.C. Perch’s Teashop in 1835. Apart from electric light and a change in staff everything else has more or less stayed the same.

The Perch family owned the shop until 1894, when the Hincheldey family took over. Today the 4th generation is in charge of the shop, and seldom will you find less than 3 generations working behind the counter.

A.C.Perchs continues to import tea and provides its customers with fine quality teas from around the world, which they’re able to customise to suit their tastes.

With over 180 years of experience A.C.Perchs have some well established supply chain relationships. Now a member of ETP, our staff will work with producers in their supply chain to ensure they meet good international social and environmental standards.

On news of their membership Sarah Roberts, Executive Director, ETP, said, “The story behind A.C.Perchs is fascinating and very romantic. I’m pleased to welcome them to ETP and hope this prompts other tea companies from Scandinavia and other parts of Europe to join our expanding membership base. With each new member we cover more producers and can scale up our efforts to ensure we’re moving towards our vision of a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.”

“A.C. Perchs Tea shop acknowledges the importance of ETP’s work. Only through mutual respect for the world we live in and live off, can we create a sustainable tea industry. 100% sustainability as a goal can only be reached if we all come together, and the ETP creates the platform for this journey. We look forward to taking part in process.” Christian Hincheldey Owner, A.C. Perchs.