ETP Welcomes East India Company to the Partnership

We are delighted to announce that the East India Company with its long and rich history is the latest company to join the Ethical Tea Partnership. Since the launch of its flagship store in 2010, The East India Company has consistently sought to bring unique and distinctive fine teas to a global audience of tea lovers.

Today this quintessentially British brand with worldwide appeal offers products that have been crafted by artisans and specialists using ingredients that have been carefully sourced for their quality, heritage, and provenance.

The company has worked together with their estate partners from cultivation through to processing, and each tea in the range is personally selected by The East India Company’s Tea Master ensuring only the finest quality teas are available. A direct relationship with the tea estates enables the company to stock some of the freshest teas available as most arrive in-store within 28 days after the leaves have been picked on the tea estates.

Manan Bhansali, Director, The East India Company Fine Foods says, “Our aim has been to work closely with estates from the planting stage in order to create teas which are unique and special. This close working relationship fosters a collaborative approach, where we have an opportunity to contribute to the welfare of each estate’s people, environment, and future growth. We are excited by the work ETP is already doing in key growing regions, and their philosophy, which we share. By working together, we can make an even greater impact on improving the tea industry for all who depend on it as well as enjoy it!”

The East India Company’s history is well known, from its foundation in 1600 through a Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I. Its pioneering merchants were the leading traders of luxury goods of their time, forging trade routes between the East and the West and trading a range of products including tea, coffee, spices, gold, silver, and porcelain.

As well as influencing Britain’s dining tables through the introduction of exotic ingredients and spices, The East India Company played a pivotal role in writing our history. It planted the first teas in Darjeeling, helped generate the fortunes of Elihu Yale, founder of Yale University, caused the Boston Tea Party, and founded modern-day Singapore, Mumbai, and Madras.

Sarah Roberts, Executive Director, ETP says, “The East India Company played a pivotal role in the history of tea. Dormant for many years, the development by its new entrepreneurial Indian owners of high value and premium tea products aimed at tea lovers internationally illustrates the new realities of the tea trade. And we are delighted that The East India Company will continue its focus on ethical sourcing issues through its membership of ETP.”