C&C and the ETP are Committed to Learning from Each Other

Coffee & Climate (C&C) and the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) have two things in common: they are development partnerships with the private sector and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), and are committed to ameliorating the challenges that come along with climate change within their respective commodity sectors.

Both C&C and ETP recognize the urgency of taking action. Forecasted periods of drought and heavy rains are expected to restrict plant growth and reduce production of both coffee and tea worldwide. This is predicted to not only have a considerable impact on the supply and quality of the popular products, but also to deeply affect the livelihood of smallholder farmers.

Practical training on drip irrigationIn light of these forecasts, C&C and ETP are in the process of developing toolboxes to help farmers prepare for the likely challenges through training and sensitization sessions, and enabling them to use techniques and practices to strengthen the resilience of their production systems, and to facilitate adaptation to changing climatic conditions.

Recognizing the potential of experience attained that could be of mutual benefit, the two development partnerships met in London for a learning exchange workshop on September 24 and 25. Representatives from the C&C initiative and the Ethical Tea Partnership Project, including project managers from Kenya and Brazil, participated to identify similarities and differences, and to discuss potential for future collaboration.

The outcome of the workshop highlighted the value of sharing results and lessons learned, particularly in the use of training of trainers curricula, toolbox development, monitoring and evaluation, as well as the dissemination of their experiences.  Moreover, the possibility of project staff collaboration, sharing information, and collaborating with other likeminded organizations were discussed.

The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for our projects to learn from each other and we’re excited about further opportunities for collaboration between the tea and coffee sectors on climate change.”  Rachel Cracknell, Project manager at the Ethical Tea Partnership

Our learning exchange workshop was a fruitful activity and we look forward to future cooperation with ETP to mutually improve our strategies.”  Michael Opitz, Chairman of the Board of the Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung