Tea Workers

There are a number of issues such as discrimination of women/minority groups, poor nutrition, and a lack of opportunities for young people (particularly girls) that traditional auditing and certification programmes are unable to address. Many of these problems go beyond the boundary of tea estates and are widespread in countries that grow and produce tea.

How we’re helping

We work with a range of carefully selected partner organisations to address these issues and others for the benefit of tea workers and their communities.


Improving the Lives of Women and Children in Assam’s Tea Communities

Unicef and ETP have been working to improve the lives of those in tea communities for many years. In 2014, a major £1.2 million partnership was formed to bring…

Malawi Tea 2020

We’re leading a coalition to help create a more competitive Malawian tea industry in which workers earn a living wage and smallholders are thriving.

Trialling an out grower model, Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, although wages in the tea industry are significantly higher than both World Bank and Sri Lankan national poverty line benchmark indicators, the industry still has difficulty…

Social Issues Training

We’re tackling harassment and discrimination, and promoting equal rights for women/minority groups at tea processing factories.

Improving Young Lives (Assam)

We’re working with UNICEF to improve the lives of children living in tea communities in Assam.

Improving Tea Communities (Sri Lanka)

We worked with CARE to improve living and working conditions on tea estates in Sri Lanka.

Tea Workers: Latest News

Working Collaboratively to Improve the Sustainability of the Tea Sector

8 September 2016

Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a membership organisation of more than 40 international tea companies and retailers. We exist to improve the sustainability of the tea sector, the lives…

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KTDA’s Female Board Directors Change the Gender Landscape

17 August 2016

The inaugural Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) conference for KTDA female Directors took place on 11 and 12th July 2016. Mr. Tiampati, the chief Executive Officer of KTDA, officially…

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Living Wage… Coming Soon to an Industry Near You!

12 July 2016

It’s here! I have the distinct impression that most producers recoil in horror at the prospect of a living wage benchmark being conducted for their industry. And understandably so….

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Latest Tea Workers Resources

Supporting Change in Assam

9 January 2019

Find out how ETP’s work with expert partners is contributing to change in Assam and improving conditions for tea workers, farmers, communities, and the environment in which tea is…

Malawi Tea 2020 Wages Committee Report 2017 (by Richard and Martha Anker)

15 December 2017

Malawi Tea 2020 Wages Committee Report 2017 (by Richard and Martha Anker) This Wages Committee Progress Report updates the living wage to October 2017. It also indicates the gap…

Malawi Tea 2020 Revitalisation Programme (Second Progress Report 2016–2017)

8 November 2017

Malawi Tea 2020 Revitalisation Programme (Second Progress Report 2016–2017)