Climate & Environment

As with any other food crops the production of tea can have adverse impacts on the environment if it’s not managed responsibly. For example, the incorrect use of agrochemicals can lead to soil pollution and/or contamination of water bodies. In addition, energy use associated with farming and the processing of tea can also contribute to global warming through the release of greenhouse gas emissions.

How we’re helping

We help tea producers improve their environmental management systems so soil, water, ecosystems, and wildlife are protected. We also assist the tea sector to understand the implications of climate change and maintain tea production in the face of changing weather patterns and growing conditions.


Protecting Wildlife (India & Sri Lanka)

Protecting Wildlife

In India and Sri Lanka we partnered with the Nature Conservation Foundation and provided training to help conserve wild life and reduce conflicts between elephants and tea workers.

Malawi 2020

Malawi Tea 2020

We’re leading a coalition to help create a more competitive Malawian tea industry in which workers earn a living wage and smallholders are thriving.

Improving agrochemical management

Agrochemical Management

We train tea workers and farmers to use agrochemicals safely in order to minimise risk to themselves, others, and the environment.

CCA (Kenya)

Climate Change Mitigation

We’re helping factories, estates, and farmers reduce energy use, CO2 emissions, and costs by improving energy management and efficiency practices.

CCA (Kenya)

Climate Change Adaptation

We’re helping increase resilience to climate change for thousands of farmers by providing training on good-practice farming and adaptation measures.

Climate & Environment: Latest News

Working Collaboratively to Improve the Sustainability of the Tea Sector

8 September 2016

Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a membership organisation of more than 40 international tea companies and retailers. We exist to improve the sustainability of the tea sector, the lives…

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ITC Director Impressed by on-the-ground Climate Action!

10 August 2016

The International Trade Centre (ITC)* Director, Arancha Gonzalez recently made her maiden visit to Makomboki Tea factory at the foot of Aberdares, Kenya. Attending a United Nation’s Conference on…

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Latest Climate & Environment Resources

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7 July 2017

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