Positive developments in East Africa

We had a very positive week in Kenya last week. Wagurah, Jane, Anu and I went through all the countries that our members buy from in Africa and made sure that we have a clear improvement plan in each case. Having Jane Nyambura on board will make a big difference to the team. Her experience of working within KTDA and for Africa Now, nicely complements Wagurah’s skills and experience, and Anu and I are looking forward to working with the expanded ETP Africa team.


ETP Team discuss plans for Africa

There is clear donor interest in investing in programmes to deal with difficult social issues and also to expand our climate change work, both within Kenya and to other tea growing countries in East Africa. Meetings with Rainforest Alliance and Solidaridad were also very useful and confirmed that we are well aligned on strategic priorities.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the climate change training that we held for smallholder trainers, as part of the ETP-GIZ adaptation project. Unfortunately I could only stay for the morning, as I had to head back to Nairobi for a final meeting, so look out for Rachel’s forthcoming blog giving a full update.

2 Responses to Positive developments in East Africa

  1. John Bisoke says:

    Can a Company be in partnership with both ETP and Rainforest Alliance, at the same time?

    • Jon says:

      Yes, ETP has agreements with all the main certification programmes working in tea (Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, & Utz Certified) to reduce duplication and increase our joint impact. Some of our members purchase certified tea and if requested by our members, ETP staff work directly with producers in their supply chains to facilitate certification.

      For more information:
      Monitoring and certification
      Working with certification programmes

      Look out for Anu’s forthcoming blog on her recent experience of attending Rainforest Alliance training in Kenya.

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