• Tea Estates See Bumper Returns After Investing in Worker Empowerment

    Posted by aroscoe on 02/10/2013

    About the project: The Plantation Community Empowerment Project was carried out from 2008 to 2011 with funding from the European Union and in collaboration with the Ethical Tea Partnership.  Research and advocacy, including the development of the business case, were sponsored by the UK Department for International Development. CARE International has written about the business case for empowering women producers READ MORE

  • ETP-trained factories win M&S Plan A Awards

    Posted by Rachel Cracknell on 18/09/2013

    Last Tuesday myself, Jane, Wagurah, and Dushy and the Sri Lankan delegation attended the M&S Plan A conference in Nairobi, which highlighted all the great work taking place to address sustainability in the M&S supply chain. ETP has been involved in this through the expansion of our highly successful climate change adaptation program to three M&S factories and a coffee READ MORE

  • Kenya Study Tour Part 3: A Wealth of information

    Posted by Dushy Perera on 16/09/2013

    If you’ve been reading this series of posts then you’ll know that key figures from the Sri Lankan tea industry had been touring Kenya on a mission to learn about best practices in tea sustainability. As part of the trip our group was fortunate enough to attend the KTDA* Chinga Tea Factory Farmer Field School graduation ceremony for newly trained READ MORE

  • Empowering female workers

    Posted by janenyambura on 13/09/2013

    As I travel through Kenya, it’s clear to see that inequalities still exist between men and women both at home and in the work place. To address this situation we’re running a training programme that raises awareness about gender issues and motivates participants to change their behavior as well as influencing those around them to do the same. The training, READ MORE

  • Taking in the wildlife

    Posted by Nelia Latief on 09/09/2013

    Indonesian tea plantations employ thousands of people, provide an income for half a million smallholders, and interestingly are home to more than 400 different birds species. I know the last fact because I recently visited the tea estate at the Indonesian Research of Tea and Cinchona (Gambung, West Java) with experts from Burung Nusantara (a National Bird Organization). While Indonesia READ MORE

  • Kenya Study Tour Part 2: Seeing is believing!

    Posted by Dushy Perera on 04/09/2013

    I am here in the salubrious climate of Kericho, Kenya along with a team of 19 other Sri Lankans consisting of Producers, CEO’s, Trade Unionists, and NGO’s all connected with the tea industry. We’re here to learn about the different approaches and mechanics employed in the Kenyan tea sector with a view to overcoming some of the challenges the tea READ MORE

  • Kenya Study Tour Part 1: Arriving in Nairobi

    Posted by Jim Delaney on

    The participants of the 10-day study tour to Kenya arrived at the Nairobi airport on 31st August. The excitement was almost contagious during the long drive to the hotel, with participants chatting about what they would learn and what would be relevant to their work at home as they looked out the windows at passing tea farms. The idea of READ MORE

  • Reflecting on new resource materials…

    Posted by Jon Copping on 30/08/2013

    I’ve just returned from holiday in the Lake District where I took part in a running event with friends. Since we were travelling all the way from Brighton, we thought it prudent to make a holiday of it and ended up staying at a National Trust campsite in Great Langdale – one of the most picturesque parts of the UK READ MORE