• My first trip to China: The tip of the iceberg!

    Posted by amanda on 22/05/2013

    This week, I returned from an eye-opening trip to China.  Having recently added China to my regional portfolio, it was a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand how and why the tea industry in China operates so differently from other regions. I travelled with our very astute regional manager, John Qin, who acted not only as my colleague, but as an READ MORE

  • Building coalitions for change

    Posted by Sarah Roberts on 02/05/2013

    Over the last 15 years the Ethical Tea Partnership has been behind all manner of projects, helping to improve the lives of people working on tea estates. Today we announce our latest initiative, without doubt one of the most challenging we have ever undertaken but where the prize of bringing about long term sustainable change makes the effort all worthwhile! READ MORE

  • What does it take to improve smallholder livelihoods?

    Posted by Sarah Roberts on 25/03/2013

    This question is one of the main reasons that I am in Indonesia at the moment and I have had many different answers. As I described in my previous blog, in West Sumatra, part of the answer is more and better tea plants as many smallholders have bush densities that are less than half what is optimal. But while a READ MORE

  • 500,000 new tea bushes ready to be distributed

    Posted by Sarah Roberts on 11/03/2013

    I have done many new things since I started working at the ETP, but today was the first day I have spent with a Protocol Officer. Tomorrow is an important day for lots of people, including the ETP, as it is the day that the District Leader of Solok will hand over the first new tea clones to smallholders in READ MORE

  • ETP Chairman, Ian Midgley, speaks at IITC, and gives an overview of the Indian tea sector

    Posted by Ian Midgley on 13/12/2012

    A couple of weeks ago, I was a guest of the Indian Tea Association at their biennial convention which brings together producers, packers, researchers and government. My four day total immersion in the world of Indian tea was as educational as it was enjoyable. The old adage that, in the end, there is no substitute for going and talking to READ MORE

  • Spreading integrated pest management, Assam

    Posted by Ranjan Circar on 11/12/2012

    I recently had the pleasure of travelling with Martin Gibson, Stewardship Director, CropLife Asia, on a work trip to Assam. We were visiting tea estates to get an understanding of the local challenges tea producers face in terms of agricultural pests, and the measures that can be applied to successfully mitigate them. It’s been a reality for a number of READ MORE

  • Increased resillience to extreme weather

    Posted by Nelia Latief on 23/10/2012

    I feel now is a good time to update you about the smallholder project we’re implementing with IDH, the Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative, because I can see that our efforts are really beginning to make a difference to some of the tea farmers. For those that aren’t familiar with the project we’re working with 3 smallholder groups, around 1,000 smallholder READ MORE

  • Climate change training well received by farmers and local communities!

    Posted by janenyambura on 17/10/2012

    Following our first few training sessions with the ‘lead’ farmers I feel now is an appropriate time to give an update on the climate change adaptation training in partnership with the German Development Agency GIZ. My role on the project is to coordinate all the project activities in Kenya, and manage all the various stakeholders including the training team, smallholder READ MORE