• Taking in the wildlife

    Posted by Nelia Latief on 09/09/2013

    Indonesian tea plantations employ thousands of people, provide an income for half a million smallholders, and interestingly are home to more than 400 different birds species. I know the last fact because I recently visited the tea estate at the Indonesian Research of Tea and Cinchona (Gambung, West Java) with experts from Burung Nusantara (a National Bird Organization). While Indonesia READ MORE

  • Kenya Study Tour Part 2: Seeing is believing!

    Posted by Dushy Perera on 04/09/2013

    I am here in the salubrious climate of Kericho, Kenya along with a team of 19 other Sri Lankans consisting of Producers, CEO’s, Trade Unionists, and NGO’s all connected with the tea industry. We’re here to learn about the different approaches and mechanics employed in the Kenyan tea sector with a view to overcoming some of the challenges the tea READ MORE

  • Kenya Study Tour Part 1: Arriving in Nairobi

    Posted by Jim Delaney on

    The participants of the 10-day study tour to Kenya arrived at the Nairobi airport on 31st August. The excitement was almost contagious during the long drive to the hotel, with participants chatting about what they would learn and what would be relevant to their work at home as they looked out the windows at passing tea farms. The idea of READ MORE

  • Reflecting on new resource materials…

    Posted by Jon Copping on 30/08/2013

    I’ve just returned from holiday in the Lake District where I took part in a running event with friends. Since we were travelling all the way from Brighton, we thought it prudent to make a holiday of it and ended up staying at a National Trust campsite in Great Langdale – one of the most picturesque parts of the UK READ MORE

  • Building a coalition to address low wages in the tea industry

    Posted by Sarah Roberts on 23/07/2013

    When I picked up my Sunday newspaper this weekend, two stories jumped out at me. The headline on the front page was ‘The scale of low pay in Britain is a national scandal’ and highlighted that the Archbishop of York is to head a year-long commission on the need for a ‘living wage’ to tackle poverty and inequality. A double READ MORE

  • Shaping the future

    Posted by Sarah Roberts on 05/06/2013

    In two weeks time, 100 people involved in shaping a sustainable tea sector will be meeting in London for the TEAM UP event that ETP and IDH are hosting on June 18th. With thoughtful people from throughout the supply chain (producers, traders, packers, tea brands big and small, and retailers), and from across the globe (all tea producing countries and READ MORE

  • Helping smallholder tea farmers, Malawi

    Posted by heleen on 03/06/2013

    April 2013. The rainy season has just finished in Malawi and the country is looking surprisingly green and lush. For most tea farmers in this southern African country, the plucking season is now coming to an end and they will soon start pruning their plants so that they have a greater chance of surviving the warm, dry months ahead.   READ MORE

  • My first trip to China: The tip of the iceberg!

    Posted by amanda on 22/05/2013

    This week, I returned from an eye-opening trip to China.  Having recently added China to my regional portfolio, it was a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand how and why the tea industry in China operates so differently from other regions. I travelled with our very astute regional manager, John Qin, who acted not only as my colleague, but as an READ MORE