In my role I provide support to the ETP’s programme in India, across the full range of ETP'’s activities, including monitoring and certification, producer support and projects, & administration. Responsibilities •I liaise with the ETP UK office, and members where required, to understand ETP member priorities on monitoring and certification •Review SAQs with Monitoring Programme Managers in UK •Liaise with auditors to ensure report quality and consistency •Generate reports for members and respond to member enquiries if required •Liaise with producers and contract staff carrying out monitoring and certification work, as directed by the ETP Secretariat UK Support to ETP Secretariat Support the India Region & the co-ordination of the overall India programme, including: • I develop and maintain good relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, including existing and potential project partners and donors, tea producers and tea organisations, research and non-governmental organisations • Provide research and analysis on specific issues to enable swift responses to external enquiries and support the development of new initiatives • Provide support to the ETP Secretariat to develop and deliver producer support and strategic sustainability projects

A Trip with a Minister!

I have always been intrigued by one our member’s company name, The Republic of Tea. I thought it both unusual and creative, and one that was full of promise….