An Industry in Transition: The Future of the Plantation Community, Sri Lanka

Today in Colombo, Sri Lanka, various stakeholders and key representatives from the tea industry have come together to share the vision of the future of the sector and the challenges it faces.  ETP, CARE Sri Lanka, and World University Services Canada (WUSC) have provided the platform for the discussions that will be facilitated by the Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA). The aim of the workshop is to generate recommendations for how to form a multi-stakeholder approach to improve the sustainability of the industry and the wellbeing of the plantation community.

The workshop will provide a starting point to discuss these issues and generate ideas that can be used to solicit support and action from a larger group of stakeholders. The invitees include representatives from exporters and traders, growers (Regional Plantation Communities, JEDB, small holders), state service providers (plantation sector and local government, health and education) and the labour force (trade unions).