alveus Joins The ETP 

We are pleased to welcome premium tea wholesaler alveus to the Ethical Tea Partnership. This innovative business from Hamburg, Germany, which was set up by Daniel Trenk, has come along way since its inception in 2006. At the time Daniel had recently completed a Business Administration Degree and was deciding on whether to accept a job offer from an International Finance Company. However, everything changed when Daniel visited a Hamburg teashop and was overwhelmed by the aromas in the room. Although he had no prior experience of the tea industry, it was there and then he decided to set up a tea business.

A short while after Daniel had assembled a team – like him, none of them had any knowledge of the industry. However, what they lacked for in experience they made up for in passion and the newly appointed team quickly set about making unique hand-made blends from premium ingredients at their tea workshop. In accordance with their motto ‘Handmade with love’ the company creates about 100 new blends every year. To help ensure their ingredients retain a full flavour and natural appearance a gentle manual process is used to produce their blends.

Alveus also favours tea gardens that use organic farming techniques and even their standard range of teas increasingly uses ingredients and flavours that have been certified organic. They currently sell over 1,000 varieties of tea across Europe of which about 400 of them are made using exclusively organic ingredients.

Sustainability and responsibility are at the heart of the alveus vision, from the development of their products to the way their business is run. Their ideals are also brought to life outside the boardroom through projects that focus on healthy eating and social and environmental responsibility.

For example, in Italy alveus has taken on the sponsorship of two bee colonies with 100,000 bees to help mitigate the world’s declining bee population. While in its home city of Hamburg, alveus proudly supports a healthy eating initiative aimed at first-year primary school children. Now in its ninth year, the company has helped to fill more than 15,000 ‘bread boxes’ with organic natural tea as well as delicious bread, carrots, spread, grapes, and cereals from 40 organic producers in Hamburg.

Sarah Roberts, Executive Director ETP says, “I’m really happy to be working with alveus as we strive to tackle some of the underlying issues holding back tea sustainability. Their commitment to social and environmental causes both within and external to the sector is very apparent.”

Daniel Trenk, CEO alveus says, “We really hope, that our common commitment contributes a significant increase in terms of sustainability and equality in the countries of origin where tea is grown.”