Working with Brands

We work with any company involved in the sourcing, trading, or packing of tea, as well as retailers that can demonstrate full control over product sourcing and traceability of tea. We currently have more than 40 international members ranging from global brands to small boutique labels representing over 50 brands in more than 100 countries.

As a member of ETP you can demonstrate your commitment to ethical sourcing to customers by using the ETP Hand and Leaf logo on packaging and marketing materials.

Why Join ETP?

Many of the countries where tea is grown have high poverty levels and are faced with deep-rooted problems that require a huge amount of change. Our work is making a difference but more needs to be done. That’s why tea companies and retailers continue to unite through ETP to address these issues.

If you want to help us improve the sustainability of the tea sector then request your Membership Application Pack. We look forward to welcoming you to ETP.

Reasons to Join ETP

  1. Do the right thing – make sure your supply chain stands up to scrutiny
  2. Commitment to ethical sourcing – consumers increasingly want confidence in their products
  3. Reduce risk – don’t let issues in your supply chain damage your brand reputation
  4. Access to sales – tender applications often require products to be ethically sourced
  5. Climate change – we’re helping farmers and producers increase their resilience to more extreme weather, which in turn is helping secure future tea supply

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