Plantation Community Empowerment Programme Project (PCEP) Coordinator

The project: To address some of these challenges, ETP along with producer and packer partners are looking to set up a pilot project in Assam that enables tea estate management and the tea community to resolve issues that impact both the business and the welfare of the tea community through the establishment of Community Development Fora (CDF), similar to mini-parliaments.

The CDF is a result of projects implemented by CARE since 1996 in Sri Lankan tea plantations. Approximately 10 million EURO has been invested in these initiatives over a period of 15 years.

All these projects experimented with the idea of improving worker – management relationships as a mechanism to improve the worker wellbeing and the productivity of the estates.  The “CDF model” was conceptualized within Plantation Community Empowerment Project based on the learnings of previous models.

The CDF brings together workers, management, estate residents, and the wider community to ensure there is shared understanding and ownership of the varied challenges faced by the groups represented, and to develop a constructive plan to prioritise and resolve these issues. The CDFs are also linked to existing structures on the estates, such as Mother’s Clubs, trade unions, and Fairtrade committees, to ensure the inclusion of these relevant bodies, and maximise the impact and effectiveness of the CDF

General Description of the Post: The successful candidate will be responsible for day to day project coordination and implementation of at least 2 CDFs including set-up, liaising with community members and stakeholders, motivating local actors to participate, documenting and reporting on progress to project partners (Chrysalis, ETP, Funders). He/she will be supported by ETP India and UK staff as well as a senior advisor and mobilization expert from Chrysalis Sri Lanka.

Download the full job description: PCEP Project Coordinator

The deadline for submission is 11th September 2016.
Please send your application to Diya Sharma

Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews. We hope to conduct the first interviews in the week commencing 15th September 2016 (by skype/ teleconference), and a second interview on 22nd September 2016.