The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) was formed in 1997 when a number of large UK-based tea companies took the decision to work together to improve conditions in their supply chains. At that time we were called the Tea Sourcing Partnership. We changed to our current name in 2004.

Back in 1997, this sector-wide approach to addressing sustainability issues was ahead of its time. Initially focusing on working conditions we have evolved considerably over the years and now tackle more complex and deep-rooted issues that affect the tea industry. We do this individually, with carefully selected partners, and through multi-stakeholder initiatives.

As our work has grown and evolved so too has our membership base. When we started we had 11 tea packing company members. We now have more than 40 international members of tea companies and retailers from Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka.

Increasing Our Scope

Over the past 13 years the countries we operate in has also increased. Our work now covers the main tea producing regions and we currently have regional staff in Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and China.

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